About Us

Dr. Sunil K Raghav's lab is focused on understanding Dendritic cell biology and T cell modulation by antigen presenting cells (APC) with the help of high-throughput next generation sequencing technology and molecular biology techniques.

Principal Investigator

Sunil K. Raghav Ph.D.

Scientist E & Ramalingaswami Fellow

Dr. Raghav completed bachelors in science degree from the University of Delhi in 1997 followed by a Masters degree from CCS University, Meerut. After completing M.Sc. he joined as a research fellow in IGIB, Delhi and was awarded Ph.D. in the field of Biotechnology. Prior to joining as a scientist(Ramalingaswami Fellow) at Institute of Life Sciences, Bhubaneswar he worked as a scientist in Laboratory of Systems Biology & Genetics, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL), Lausanne, Switzerland and as a postdoctoral fellow in Molecular Immunology Group, Turku Centre for Biotechnology (BTK), Finland.

Lab Members

Rashmirekha Pati Ph.D.

Research Associate

Viplov Biswas M.Sc.

Project SRF

Sachikanta Rout B.Sc.

Lab. Technician

Current Ph.D. Students

Abdul Ahad SRF

Role of Nuclear receptor co-repressors in dendritic cell function

Shuchi Smita SRF

Role of Zinc finger TFs in Dendritic cell activation and maturation

Gyan Prakash Mishra JRF

To understand the transcriptional regulation in dendritic cells upon various TLR stimulation

Atimukta Jha SRF

Role of nuclear receptors and their co-regulators in dendritic cells

Arup Ghosh SRF

Computational modelling of gene regulatory networks underlying dendritic cell function

Kaushik Sen JRF

Screening of stimulation dependent co-regulatory molecules in dendritic cell.